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I run a tight shipwreck mug

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I run a tight shipwreck mug

The more time we spend at home, the more I realize my house isn't a well-oiled machine ready to face the day, it's a freaking shipwreck.  But, it's my shipwreck and I run it with pride, am I right?!  Whether it's the kids going crazy or the dogs barking like mad the phrase "organized chaos" rings true to me and probably to you.  Let everyone know this is exactly what you were going for and be proud of your shipwreck!  

This image is professionally printed on a ceramic mug that is dishwasher safe!  You can get the image on one side or two, just select your preference when you add the mug to your cart.  

This mug is pressed in house so while I try my best to get them to you ASAP, please allow for 1 - 2 weeks for shipping.  

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