Special Butterfly cover


With the rising concerns over COVID-19, many states and towns are now asking and requiring people to wear a cloth face cover.  Who says it has to be a boring one though!  

These face covers are sewn with 2 layers and have a pocket to add your filter, should you choose to do so for added protection (sold separately where available).  THESE COVERS ARE NOT MEDICAL GRADE MASKS.

The design on your mask is printed with durable ink making washing stressfree.  Please be aware that along the seam may be a thin white line.  This is where the ink cannot reach the fabric due to seam thickness.  I do my best to reduce these lines but some designs may still show them.  

Sizing:  These covers may not work for individuals with a lot of facial hair (looking at those bushy beard guys!!)  I have found the child size to fit well for children under the age of 8 without it pulling on their little ears.  

SPECIAL NOTE:  Please be assured I take every precaution to make sure your mask arrivals in the cleanest way possible.  All covers are individually wrapped after printing and will arrive to you that way.  Due to the nature of these items and the ongoing pandemic, THESE COVERS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR RETURN/REFUND.  If there is a production issue please be sure to email me at thetealbandit@gmail.com and I will work to get it resolved but I CANNOT take face covers back.  

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