Fall is Here

grab your fall classics today before they disappear

Welcome to The Teal Bandit

The Teal Bandit was started by a mom, oh hey my name is Sam, who was frustrated with the lack of practical clothing that fit the lifestyle of a woman who just wants to look comfortable in clothing that made her feel awesome. I wanted to create something for the snarky mom who sometimes gets those side eyes from others because she's just off living her life by her rules. Here I try to be as inclusive as possible and I know you'll find something that makes you look in the mirror and go "daaammmn, I am F.I.N.E.!"

Beyond the Boutique

Meet the family behind The Teal Bandit

My name is Sam. The Teal Bandit is not possible without these two behind me, my husband Chris and our son Aiden. Whether its being my official candle sniffer (Aiden) or offering hands on support, The Teal Bandit is a family effort.

About me