Great Catch Insulated Cooler Bag


Long days at the field just got a little easier.  The Great Catch Insulated Cooler Bag is an insulated cooler with very generous sizing.  One of my favorite parts?  It's waterproof because nothing is worse than picking up a dripping cooler from the melted ice.  Although, I guess it wouldn't be terrible if it was a really hot day perhaps.  Get ready for the big game or even just a day at your favorite picnic spot with your new favorite cooler. 

Need a dry place to put your tickets?  We thought about that too with a front zipper pocket that's perfect for some snack bar money, your tickets, and anything else you don't want to keep cold.  

Not looking for a cooler for yourself?  These would make a great gift for a team mom or coach too.

13” tall
24” wide (at the top)
17” wide (at the bottom)
8.5” deep (side to side)
For size reference, I used 6 11.5 oz cans because I myself am horrible with mental measurements.  
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